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About Us

On August 30th, 2011, Architectural Woodworkers Local 2090 and Industrial Local 2870 were dissolved. Their respective memberships and juristictions were merged into a new Local 2790. This local will be regarded as the "Shop & Industrial Local".

UBC Local Union 2790 is a specialty trade union that represents carpenters, industrial shop workers, architectural woodworkers, millworkersfinish carpenters, wood finishers, cabinet installers, trim carpenters, architectural metal workers, and cabinetmakers throughout the five boroughs of New York City; as well as Long Island, New Jersey, and Westchester County. Local 2790 is part of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America, and the New York City District Council of Carpenters. Local 2790 is the third largest local in the NYC District Council with approximately 2,600 members. 

Established in 1881, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America consist of several related crafts, and is one of the largest organizations in the country. Over these many years, the mill cabinet industry and maunfacturing sector has been a major part of this great organization.

Our members manufacture a wide range of products such as, custom architectural woodwork and cabinetry, store interiors and fixtures, display and exhibit equipment and architectural metal products. In addition to the complete range of natural wood and veneer items, some of the other materials used in the woodwork manufacturing processes are plastic laminates, metals, plastics, glass, solid surface materials and various synthetic and composite products. The process also includes the application of all types of stains and finishes from lacquer to hand polishing. Most architectural woodwork shops also offer design and drafting services, as well as assistance with field measurements and coordination. We also have shops that manufacture a wide variety of items, like candy machines, perfume bottles, tobacco smoking pipes, custom blinds, custom architectural metals & glass, solid surface, and window treatments too. You name it, and chances are, someone amongst are membership can make it! In the industry today, you will find skilled men and women Journeyman carpenters who display a personal pride in their work, and a lifelong commitment to their craft. The members of Local 2790 have continued the time-honored tradition of this fine craft. Beginning with a five-year apprenticeship, and continuing with journeyman upgrading courses, union carpenters never stop learning. 

As the industry advances, so do the workers. Obtaining instructions on improved techniques, updated machinery and new products available to the industry is part of the job. We respect the close cooperation between labor and management, and we believe in the value of an honest day's work for a day's pay.

The mission of this local union shall be to promote and protect the interest of our membership, to encourage the apprenticeship system and higher standard of skill, to reduce the hours of labor, to secure adequate pay for our work, to elevate the standard of our craft, to cultivate a feeling of friendship among the members of this Brotherhood, and to protect our members by legal and proper means against any injustice that may be done to them, improve the moral, social and intellectual conditions of our members and all working people.

Look for The Union Label

Woodwork bearing this label was fabricated by Brotherhood members working under union conditions and protected by a collective-bargaining agreement. Choosing union-made woodwork ensures that workers are given fair wages & benefits and the work is performed under safe and fair conditions. It also ensures that the millwork was fabricated in either The United States of America or Canada by educated and certified carpenters. Woodwork that is not labeled or bearing a different label can be shipped in from anywhere in the world (such as China), where workers are paid very low wages with no benefits and work long hours in unsafe conditions. Choosing Union-made products and labor ensures the future of the US economy is prosperous and strong.