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Rain Date for Rally at Pace

If the weather prevents the Pace Rally today (9/12/13) the rain date will be tomorrow (9/13/13)


Rally at Pace Tomorrow!


Thousands Gather In Times Square To Protest Minimum Wage

Thousands of demonstrators hit the streets of Times Square Thursday demanding not only higher pay but health benefits and better working conditions.

Fast food employees, car wash attendants and airport workers united saying the current minimum wage is not enough to survive on.

With the debate over the "fiscal cliff" raising the possibility of tax hikes, some NY1 spoke with said financially they're already over the edge.

"You can't take care of anyone," one woman said. "Children, bills, you know, people have school tuition. We have obligations to life in general and $7.25 isn't going to help."

"Paid vacations, benefits -- we work hard," a man said. "We feel the pay should equal the work. You know, no more bounced checks."

"We believe that the economy has to work for all of New York City not just for a handful of people," said Gary LaBarbera of the NYC Building Trades Council.

Several labor unions [including the NYCDCC] and good government groups supported Thursday's rally.