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Updating Skills and Certifications with the OWL

Effective October 31, 2013, as per section 9 of the Job Referral policy – A carpenter is responsible for maintaining any certification that may expire with the passage time, such as CPR, NYS-DOL Laser Safety Training. The Job Referral office does not maintain or track this information.

(A)          If a member has allowed their skill certification(s) to expire, that certification(s) will go into a dormant status for up to 60 days to allow them to be recertified. Once this skill certification(s) is recertified, it is the member’s responsibility to notify the Out of Work List to ensure that it has been updated. If the expired certification(s) are not updated with the Out of Work List within the allotted time, the certification(s) will automatically be removed from the member’s skill profile at the Out of Work List.

Please feel free to contact the Out of Work list if you have any additional concerns or questions


Interested in Working Outside? Here is What You Need

Members who are interested in doing woodwork installations need some classes before they can get called off of the Out-of-Work List (OWL) for these type of jobs. Here's what you need:


  1. Completion of the 10 Hour OSHA Saftey Course
  2. Completion of the Scaffold User Certification Course (4 Hour Course)
  3. Completion of the Interior Finish Course (52 Hour Course - 13 Nights)


Once you have completed all these courses, they will be added to your OWL Portfolio. Now when a contractor asks for workers off the OWL and he requests they have those 3 certifcations, you will be called for work if you are the next one on the list.

To sign up for any of the night classes or just to check if you have previously taken them, call the Labor Technical College @ (212) 727-2224

Once you are certain you have these certifcations, call the OWL @ either (212) 366-3330 or (800) 858-8683 and place yourself on the OWL for Manhattan (Outside) or any other boro you are interested in working in. The 2790 Shop list is only for jobs in the shop.