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R.O. Dennis Walsh and EST Mike Bilello - Town Hall Meeting May 3rd

There will be a Town Hall Meeting with Review Officer Dennis Walsh and EST Mike Bilello on Thursday, May 3rd at 4:30 pm. The meeting will take place in the Labor Technical College, 2nd Floor Common Room. Nominated candidates for the District Council Trustee position will be invited to speak during this meeting.

The following members have been nominated for the position of District Council Trustee:

  • Dennis Gimblet – L.U. 157
  • Glenn Hatcher – L.U. 157
  • Edward Herrero – L.U. 157
  • Mark McGuire – L.U. 157
  • John Moloney – L.U. 157



2011 District Council Election

On the District Council Website there is a separate section dedicated to all information regarding the election of officers to the District Council coming up later this month. You may view it here