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Entries in Delegates (25)


Delegate Meeting Today

Today September 12th, there will be a delegate meeting at the Labor Technical College (395 Hudson Street, Manhattan) on the 2nd Floor Common Room. It will start at 5pm, all members are welcome and encouraged to spectate.


Delegate Roll Call Votes 8/28/13


Reminder: Delegate Meeting Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Wednesday August 28, 2103 Delegate meeting and Trustee nominations will be held at 5PM at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, located at 199 Chambers Street NY, NY. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013 Delegate Meeting Location Change

Wednesday August 28, 2103 Delegate meeting and Trustee nominations will be held at 5PM at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, located at 199 Chambers Street NY, NY. 


Carpenters Receive Wage & Benefit Increase

The New York City District Council of Carpenters’ Delegate Body on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 ratified by a roll call vote a $2.40 per hour contract wage and benefit increase to begin August 20, 2013 for the members working under the following collective bargaining agreements.

Building Contractors Association (BCA), Independent Building and Construction Agreement, and  The Association of Wall-Ceiling and Carpentry Industries (WC&C).

Carpenters working under these agreements accounted for approximately 10 Million Hours of work within the past 12 months.

The $2.40 per hour wage and benefit allocations are as follows:

  • $0.80 Increase to Hourly Wages
  • $0.80 Increase to Welfare Fund
  • $0.80 Increase to Annuity

A vote to amend the original motion of allocations and increase hourly wages by $0.80 and increase the Annuity by $1.60 failed by a vote of 52 to 32.


Election Cancelled

There will no longer be a delegate election for Local 2790, details to be discussed at June 24th's union meeting.


Results of Single Employer Contract Ratification

Section 5(B)(8) and 20 of The NYCDCC Bylaws require that all contracts go before the delegate body. On Wednesday, May 22, 2013 the delegates voted on the following 14 single employer industrial contracts:

1. Chairmasters INC.
2. Hollow Metal Buck and Door Association
3. Screen Teck INC.
4. Design Display Group INC.
5. Interior Carpet Service INC.
6. Spaeth Design INC.
7. Harvard Maintenance INC. 7th Avenue & Harvard Maintenance INC. Door Division
8. Lincoln Center for the Preforming Arts
9. Truck & Tire INC.
10. Realty Advisory Board on Labor Relations
11. ABC INC. 
12. Hollywood Banners INC.
13. Lord & Taylor
14. Peter Cooper Village/200 Madison

The contracts passed by a vote of 54-8.

Here is how the delegates of our Local voted:

Last Name, First Name, Vote

Clayton Jr. Walter - Yes
Ellis James - Yes
Mucaria Andrew - Yes
Pena Rafael - Yes
Rachiele Giancarlo - Yes
Rosales Alexander - No
Sanchez Pedro - Yes


Executive Board Members Ineligible to Serve

Under Section 31(d) of the UBC Constitution, James Smith, William Lawston, John Einstman, and Ralph Vincenty are ineligible to serve on the Executive Board, Delegate Body, or any Committees.


Results of Nominations

For the position of Executive Committee Member, with one position available, there was one nomination and it was accepted by the chair and nominee:

Robert Villalta by Jack Mucaria (Experience Slate)

For the position of Delegate, with fourteen positions available, there was sixteen nominations, all were accepted by nominees (Ralph Torre was not present but accepted the nomination via written correspondence presented by Andrew Mucaria), and fifteen were accepted by the chair [Reynaldo Recinos was found ineligible under section 31 (d) of the UBC Constitution]:

Andrew Mucaria by Jack Mucaria (Experience Slate)

Walter Clayton Jr. by Jack Mucaria (Experience Slate)

Giancarlo Rachiele by Jack Mucaria (Experience Slate)

Rafael Pena by Jack Mucaria (Experience Slate)

Pedro Sanchez by Jack Mucaria (Experience Slate)

Kirk Gillard by Jack Mucaria (Experience Slate)

Helder Sena by Joe Ventura (Experience Slate)

Manuel Flores by Joe Ventura (Experience Slate)

Frank Trojanowski by Joe Ventura (Experience Slate)

Lukasz Pac by Joe Ventura (Experience Slate)

Ralph Torre by Joe Ventura (Experience Slate)

James Ellis by Joe Ventura (Experience Slate)

Jared Armendariz by Lukasz Pac (Independent)

Alex Rosales by Rayneir Gamboa (Independent)

Rayneir Gamboa by Alex Rosales (Independent)

Elections will be held on Monday, June 24th 2013 from 1:00PM to 7:00PM at 49-18 Queens Blvd, Woodside, NY 11377

Members wishing to vote must be in good standing at the time of elections. Staff from the Local will be at both the polling location and the office in Manhattan to accept dues payment.


Nominations and Elections of Delegates from Local 2790

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

You are hereby notified to attend a meeting of Local 2790 to be held at:

49-18 Queens Blvd, Woodside, NY 11377, for the purpose of nomination for election

Fourteen (14) Delegates and One (1) Executive Committee Member
Monday, May 20th 2013 at 6:00PM

Elections will be held on Monday, June 24th 2013 from 1:00PM to 7:00PM at the same location as nominations.

The term of these offices will be three (3) years from July 2013 till July 2016
This is a secret ballot election, votes will be counted immediately upon closing of polls

Any member wishing to be nominated must be in good standing with the Local for at least the past twelve (12) months. All members of Local 2790 are encouraged to participate in the democratic process within our Local and District Council.