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Documents Posted

As per a motion made by Br. Joseph Ventura at the last general meeting, documents regarding an alleged debt from Travelers Insurance to the Local have been posted in the members-only section. In addition, the election results form has been posted as well.


Email Regarding Artie G. Arbitration

This letter was sent to the Local through the website

Dear Mr. President,

I would like to personally thank Local 2790 representatives Andrew M. And Robert V. for letting me have the opportunity to join them at this arbitration. Artie has been one of the best shop stewards in our local, always looking out for the union. Unfortunately the members in his shop show no respect for our union or for Artie. Artie was unlawfully laid off in my opinion and the International Representative at the time did very little to help. Both Andrew and Robert stepped up after the International Representative left and challenged the layoff. The result of that challenge was an arbitration hearing with a satisfactory ending for Artie. Artie expressed many thanks to the union and their representatives.

P.S. On a personal note to the so called members of this shop that helped Artie get laid off, they should be ashamed of themselves. Soon all of these members will find out what they have given up by showing no support to their union or to their shop steward. This will work against you but this is what you all wanted. The U.B.C. may see you as union brothers but what i see are the bosses puppets.

Thank You,
Brother Joseph Ventura