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Code of Conduct

The following items will not be tolerated on this website. Violations may result in the deletion of your post(s), comment(s) and/or user account on this site.

  • Adult Content, Violence, Illegal Activity: Posts containing violent, sexually oriented, or illegal content or links to sites with this content will be deleted. Posting or linking to any of these could result in account deletion.
  • Trolling, Attacks and Flaming: These are always forbidden. Trolling is posting in a way that provokes emotional responses. Attacks and derogatory terms of any kind are not welcome. Flames are messages that personally attack or call any people names or otherwise harass. These, along with any generally condescending posts will be edited or removed at the Website Committee's discretion. If a thread is flame-bait (appears to be intended to start an argument or is likely to cause an argument rather than enhance discussion, as in trolling), it will be removed without notice. Individual flame-bait comments in a post may be deleted or edited at the Website Committee's discretion. If the thread turns into an argument, it can be removed without notice. Sometimes a moderator may delete certain portions of a thread in order to keep the discussion going, but that is not always possible since we are a staff of volunteers with limited time and numbers.
  • Profanity: We have users of all age groups and of all tolerance levels where profanity is concerned. Keep your language respectful.

Please note that the Website Committee reserves the right to delete content with or without notice or a reason.